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Each one, teach one… Delta Leadership Lecture Series for Youth

Delta Leadership Lecture Series for Youth
Starts Saturday, October 1, 2011

Indianola, MS — Khafre, Inc., a Mississippi-Delta based 501(c)3 non-profit organization, in conjunction with the Sunflower County NAACP, Mic Magazine, da’ House of Khafre, and numerous other very concerned citizens of Indianola and the surrounding communities are standing together to provide leadership training opportunities for the Mississippi Delta youth. Beginning October 1, 2011, we will offer the “Delta Leadership Lecture Series for Youth” every Saturday at 12 o’clock noon (sharp). These lunch sessions will be held inside da’ House of Khafre Cultural Arts Center located at 105 Main Street, in historical downtown Indianola.

“In an effort to foster a Delta community filled with creative, interesting and dynamic people, it is necessary to partner with each other to present the type of workshops that our children need. The focus is on developing entrepreneurial and leadership skills.” Stated C.Sade Turnipseed, Executive Director of Khafre, Inc. “Our goal is to simply facilitate a one-hour discussion every week that includes questions and answers so that young people between the ages of 13-25, are exposed to people in leadership positions” Turnipseed continued.

The topics reflect the professional resources that exist within our Delta community. These are people who are willingly giving their time to meet with youngsters. Many of whom reached out to us and we in turn are reaching out to the parents, children and young adults that simply need the opportunities to meet with politicians, business leaders health professionals and other influential people on a one-on-one basis.” Stated Charles Modley, President of the Sunflower County NAACP.

The professions and topics currently scheduled include:

Business Development/Entrepreneurship, Newspaper/Magazine Publishing/Media, Civic and Social Responsibility, City/State Local Government, Museum/Archives/Libraries, Managing Family Wealth, Restaurant Management, For Women & Girls Only, For Men & Boys Only, Historic Preservation, The Art of Parenting, The Music Business, Love and Laughter, Health/Wellness, Art Management, Law Enforcement, Creative Writing, Book Publishing, Public History, The Clergy, Education, Tourism

Additional topics will be added as professionals become available and as time permits. Updated schedules may be downloaded from the Khafre, Inc website: khafreinc.org. Contributions to this effort are encouraged. All donations are a tax-deductible. This is a 100% volunteer effort. Lunch sponsors, or other forms of assistance are a welcomed encouragement. Our Delta youth needs your support!


C.Sade Turnipseed, MBA, PhD (candidate)
Executive Director
Khafre, Inc.

Honoring the Legacy of the Mississippi Delta Cotton Pickers, while moving towards a Delta Renaissance

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