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Mississippi Delta Community College… A Document of Concern

APRIL 22nd, 2012: Sunday evening, members of Team 308 gathered at my home to enjoy a family cookout and plan for our weekly events at the 308 Blues Club. During our celebration, a document was revealed that alleged unethical business practices, abuses of power, and contained racially charged statements made by several Board Members of Mississippi Delta Community College.

Mississippi Delta Community College (MDCC) is located in Moorhead, Mississippi; a town that has seen little benefit from having a nationally recognized community college within its city limits. However, the U.S. Department of Education through the Predominately Black Institutions Program awarded grants totaling $3.6 million in an effort to enhance capacity to serve low and middle-income African-American students.

Earlier this week, a “Document of Concern” was circulated throughout the community. It alleges past conversations by MDCC Board Members that, if were known or made public at the time, would not warrant the school’s federal recognition and would have set an uninviting mood for African-American faculty and students. In addition, the 80% African-American population that reside in Moorhead would have truly questioned the advantages of having an institution headed by unscrupulous, self-serving racists. In addition, the document highlights discontent and allegations about other political figures and groups within the Mississippi Delta. Again the conversations are alleged and not proven. However, the damage is done.

Such discussion by campus administrators or faculty members is an embarrassment to higher education. If the student body feels there is discrimination on campus whether proven or otherwise, administrators must address their concern. Moreover, if the transcripts are fabricated; the thoughts, ideals, and statements had to have come from somewhere. The author was moved by something or someone in order to respond with such compassion and push awareness on these issues. I do believe the document and its allegations warrant an investigation.

Here is the “Document of Concern”. I am not the author:

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