Press Release:
Oct 17 2012


When one embarks on a journey, you always expect some amount of adventure… An open-minded approach always makes it so much more interesting.

As for us Dubtonic Kru, the move we made when we decided to Independently start mapping out “The Journey” , to further develop our musical career, started as and continues to be a great adventure. “The Journey” 2012 part 2 fell nothing short of that.

With exactly 46 concerts in 42 cities, completed over a period of 9 weeks, traveling over 14,000 driving miles across country, one can only imagine the level of anticipation, adventure and surprises that’s been a part of the experience.

From being billed with and having played alongside some of the Blues legends of Mississippi in the home town of Blues King, BB King, to sharing stage with our counterparts Midnite at the Midwest Reggae fest. The Journey continued to move through popular as well as remote areas of the U.S.

Dubtonic Kru makes a stop off at the 308 Blues Club and Cafe in Indianola. True Mississippi Dreads… Jah Rastafari!

We journeyed, we slept, we wined and dined, had petty fights but most of all laughed at ourselves.

Here is one instant in which you can laugh.

We’re now in Rock Island Illinois having just arrived from Minneapolis Minnesota, this is the fifth stop on the tour. As we begin unloading our bags, getting ready for check-in at the Holiday Inn, very tired but always thrilled to interact with our fans, we heard a bunch of voices yelled in a passing distance, hey! Dubtonic Kru is here!!! reacting to that, we turned around from unpacking to acknowledge. At first glance, was a group of people sitting across from the hotel at a Pub. Based on their posture, we assumed it was them, especially when among the group was the image of a woman frantically waving… a bit of a waving frenzy begins….. A few of us proceeded to walk over with CD’s as well as our newly released DVD in hand to greet… As we got closer and closer we suddenly realize that our most enthused fan among the group is actually a mannequin in the glass window just behind those seated…Can I tell you, “laughing spoil”.

The joys of touring.

The next scenario was not the most pleasant but as we mentioned earlier, adventures comes with varying experiences.

We were stoked to be in Austin Texas yet again, having played at the Prestigious SXSW Music Conference several months earlier as well as the Wild fire reggae fest and the Austin Reggae fest. It’s gonna be at the Flamingo Cantina again and we’re so excited, we always look forward to going back… great hospitality… they always makes us feel at home and it’s a great venue to play at.

Word on the street is that it’s the first game of the new football season, which would explain the extraordinary buzz around the city,even though Austin is usually a pretty lively town. We’ve just learned from the hotel front desk that our hotel reservations are gone and all hotels are booked solid, of course as a result of the influx of football crazed fans descending on the town. It’s a couple of hours from showtime and we have no rooms…Yes, we have a dilemma.

We begin checking around and finally we find a hotel with just a couple of rooms left but the operator warns us that it’s first come first serve. As we enter the hotel lobby, we find the owner arguing with a customer who wants to know why she can’t get a copy of her voided credit card transaction, We exchange courtesies with the clerk at the desk and ask to view the rooms before we decide….Upon our return and as the clerk begins the paperwork, the owner yells “You can no longer have the rooms”, even though the rooms were still available…The owner and clerk then begins a heated argument regarding the decision to refuse us the room, At our insistence as to the reason for his decision, the owner instructs the reluctant clerk to call the police …He grunts angrily,”I want them out now”!…So the police are on the line trying to get some clarity to the situation and the clerk calmly explains, “My boss is refusing to sell a couple of rooms to a bunch of peaceful and courteous customers”. A long conversation ensues between ourselves and the owner who is becoming increasingly more irate by the minute…and after a long verbal standoff, we decide it wasn’t worth it and wouldn’t be comfortable in such a hostile environment anyways. However, it all ended well as we spent the night in a much much better place…Sprawling surroundings and hospitality fit for Kings.

Now, can someone tell me… Has this not been an adventurous journey?

To top it all off, the reason why we are here in the first place… Music and connecting with our people… We perform to varying audiences each night from such different backgrounds and finds constantly a very similar reaction, A high level of appreciation of our art form and it has certainly been overwhelming.

It is an absolutely great feeling when your audience night after night, stays with you, absorbs and dances energetically to the end.

What can we say but to continually give thanks!

Sometimes the road is rocky, sometimes it’s smooth, But one thing is for sure, the musical journey continues 🙂


Jamaica: 1876 382 7531
U.S.A: 1510 394 8064

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