Mississippi Delta Community College… A Document of Concern

APRIL 22nd, 2012: Sunday evening, members of Team 308 gathered at my home to enjoy a family cookout and plan for our weekly events at the 308 Blues Club. During our celebration, a document was revealed that alleged unethical business practices, abuses of power, and contained racially charged statements made by several Board Members of Mississippi Delta Community College.

Mississippi Delta Community College (MDCC) is located in Moorhead, Mississippi; a town that has seen little benefit from having a nationally recognized community college within its city limits. However, the U.S. Department of Education through the Predominately Black Institutions Program awarded grants totaling $3.6 million in an effort to enhance capacity to serve low and middle-income African-American students.

Earlier this week, a “Document of Concern” was circulated throughout the community. It alleges past conversations by MDCC Board Members that, if were known or made public at the time, would not warrant the school’s federal recognition and would have set an uninviting mood for African-American faculty and students. In addition, the 80% African-American population that reside in Moorhead would have truly questioned the advantages of having an institution headed by unscrupulous, self-serving racists. In addition, the document highlights discontent and allegations about other political figures and groups within the Mississippi Delta. Again the conversations are alleged and not proven. However, the damage is done.

Such discussion by campus administrators or faculty members is an embarrassment to higher education. If the student body feels there is discrimination on campus whether proven or otherwise, administrators must address their concern. Moreover, if the transcripts are fabricated; the thoughts, ideals, and statements had to have come from somewhere. The author was moved by something or someone in order to respond with such compassion and push awareness on these issues. I do believe the document and its allegations warrant an investigation.

Here is the “Document of Concern”. I am not the author:

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16 responses to “Mississippi Delta Community College… A Document of Concern

  • xtasy

    I pesonally feel it is a disgrace. Now there is a reward out for information leading to the person who is the author of the documents. The reward is coming from one of the Abrahams listed in the document So I hope no one falls for it….it will prove them right. They have already said throw a little money their way and they will fall for it…….


  • Stewart

    It’s a shame that mississippi has not prospered due to prejudice and ignorence. MDCC has not prospered because of these very board members who represent the racist segment that promote this ignorence. Educate the masses and we all gain. Inudate with hatred and we all fall.


  • Stewart

    Ignorance. Typo, excuse the spelling please.


  • Janice Kilby

    I, Janice Kilby, Indianola, MS come from the following: Greenville Police Department, Mississippi Highway Patrol and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. I have been involved with many meetings which were taped. I have also been involved with the transcibing of said meeting.

    My very first thought, when I viewed it was that it did not appear to be authenic due to the format.

    RE: Paula Sykes
    I have known her for approximately 30 years. Her language does not consist of foul language. Her vocabulary is much stronger than to stoop to using such language. Not only is her vocabulary strong, but her morals, values and ethics would prevent her from speaking about ANYONE in a distasteful manner. She is a devot Christian and would not hinder her soul and spirit to speak about others in ANY negative manner.

    RE: Sam Abraham and Magdalene Abraham
    I have many friends from the Greenwood area. They all know the Abrahams. I believe in my heart the above is the same with them as well.

    I am hoping and praying that the culprits will be brought to justice and this will not lead to any production of descension.

    Janice Kilby


  • Janice Kilby


    If you are going to make accusations, back them up. Otherwise, remain silent.


  • deltalandshark

    slanderous garbage. the internet makes anyone instantly credible. until visual proof is shown its all smoke. sad that blood was shed over this.


  • Janice Kilby

    @deltalandshark, blood was never shed over this.


  • Amy

    This is a disgrace. If this is true, they should be fired. I am a former student at MDCC. I enjoyed my time there. I really hate that this has happened. As far as knowing someone for however long, NO ONE can TRULY say they know someone. Not even their own spouse. “Out of the hearts of men the mouth will speak.”


  • Mario Strong

    I am not certain if the shooting that occurred this past Saturday night had anything directly to do with the “Document of Concern”. However, according to Greenwood police, we now know a Dr. Arnold Smith, age 70, of Greenwood and William Paul Muller, 54, of Morgan City conspired to kill attorney Lee Abraham.

    Authorities said Keaira Byrd, 23, and Derrick Lacy, 25, entered Abraham’s law office Saturday night to carry out the hit, but state agents were waiting. A gunfight ensued.

    Byrd died after being shot several times by agents. Lacy is currently in critical condition. One of the agents suffered a less serious wound.

    Abraham was not hurt.

    It was said that Smith hired the two men to kill the lawyer who represented his ex-wife when they divorced in the 90’s.

    Again, this “bloodshed” seems a matter of coincidence. However, the time of incident loosely correlates to the current allegations of racial discrimination at MDCC, the “Document of Concern”, and Abraham’s $2500 reward for the successful prosecution of the document’s author(s).


  • Janice Kilby

    Keaira Byrd and Derrick Lacy used the reward money as their MO to gain contact with the Honorable Lee Abraham.

    @Amy, All is a fabrication. Not!!! true.


  • dont know

    Well Dr Smith has spent his life saving people. And lawyers………oh by the way what do they do? Oh and Jim Hood was connected to drugs in some way. And the next thing you know he is up here defending Abraham with 4 gun toting agents ………Dr, Smith gets arrested because 20 yrs ago Smith is suppose to be still mad at Abraham for being his wifes lawyer….20 years ago…please….Dr Smith has marrried again and going on with his life. Oh ya the murderer (to be) said he heard Smith on a phone……..something really stinks about this whole thing….please


  • Cbalducc

    I think that “Document of Concern” is a fabrication, either by Dr. Smith as part of his vendetta against Lee Abraham or by some unknown person(s) to gain political influence at MDCC. In other words, it is bogus.


  • Caroline

    I think it’s no doubt a fabrication.

    I went to MDCC and worked for Domino Bellipanni while I was there. Spent countless hours around/with him, and he is one of the best bosses I have ever had. I can PROMISE you, he did not say what I just read. Take that to the bank. And if you don’t believe me, ask anyone else that knows him, black or white. That makes me angry that they would throw his name into this. He works his tail off days, nights, and weekends- he has a position (AD/Head (only) Athletic Trainer) that should NO DOUBT be held by two people to help the school. And he does a GOOD JOB! Not to mention… he’s by no means racist in any way and is not sitting back conspiring to make hires for personal gain. I’ve never seen him want anything but the best for the school, and he’s fought on many occasion to do just that. Most will never know the lengths he goes to in order to hire competent coaches, work within a pretty small budget, make time for all of his duties and little jobs (the guy MAY get a package of Nabs for lunch if he’s lucky; he rarely takes lunch). I get pretty angry when something like this comes up that threatens him because I know there’s absolutely nothing to it and it’s just going to put one of the good things going for MDCC in a bad light. He will take that to heart. It’s just not fair to me to be able to write whatever you want and slander someone’s name like that.

    I don’t know Magdalene like I know Domino, but I know her well enough to say there is no way that she talks like that, whether in the privacy of her home, to a close friend, whatever else. She just doesn’t. She’s actually a very nice person.

    I hope people realize how extreme a lot of these statements are. I might believe a little give and take here and there, but this is obviously WAAAY too far off the deep end to give it any credence. I am appalled someone feels the need to go to the lengths they did in writing this. Something is wrong with this person.


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