And da beat goes on…

“‎Delta Dub founder, Sasha “FriedSushi” Heller, was in a bad car accident last week and is currently at the University of Mississippi Hospital in Jackson. He suffered moderate brain trauma injury and multiple mini-facial fractures. Recuperation will be 2 to 6 months. Unfortunately, he won’t be returning to Indianola. If anyone is in the Jackson or surrounding area, please visit. Thank you. More details forthcoming…”

A year ago, I met an incredible talent… Sasha Heller; A mild-mannered news reporter for our local paper during the day and a heroic figure on the burgeoning DubStep scene in the Mississippi Delta at night. He coined the name “Delta Dub” which he hosted Tuesday nights at da House of Khafre in Indianola. It was there I met FriedSushi. Just FriedSushi… not DJ FriedSushi. Sasha was adamant and he would always correct me, “I am not a DJ.” And from his performances… he is now proven. The DJ can now be dropped. FriedSushi is a Soundscape Artist. He wanted to unite all club kids of the Mississippi Delta through DubStep. His vision was so close to mine… Unite all people through music. Of course, we became instant friends.

FriedSushi was a feature performer at CLUB 308 on Thursday nights. Together, along with DJ Level 1, we promoted the night as “The Best of Both Worlds”. We wanted to bridge the racial divide by bridging the DubStep audience with the Hip-Hop audience. Sasha was instrumental in growing our family by reaching out to other area houses and sharing the love. We now host multiple DJ’s and Soundscape Artists of various genres. Our Thursday night roster includes DJ Level 1, DJ Purple Haze, Argiflex, DJ Stephen Electro, and yours truly, Mississippi Dread. With an every growing roster and huge music selection, we are one of the few venues in the Mississippi Delta to entertain a diverse audience under one roof. We feature all forms of electro-dance music… including: DubStep, Hip-Hop, trip-hop, drum-n-bass, reggae, house, electronica, and techno. Basically any and everything with a beat; FROM HIPHOP2JAMROCK AND ALL SOUNDSCAPES IN BETWEEN.

Despite the current air… Sasha would want us to continue our shared vision.

Get well bro… you’re in our prayers.

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Celebrating blues culture and promoting roots music worldwide. Fully engaged in an ongoing personal campaign towards raising social awareness and promoting a healthy consciousness throughout the Mississippi Delta. View all posts by Mario Strong

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