The Kickstarter Approach… Grassroots Funding for the Blues

Before there was groundbreaking for the B.B. King Museum in Indianola, Mississippi, the 308 Blues Club and Cafe welcomed visitors from both near and a far who shared a common interest in and love for Blues music and Roots culture. Through our efforts, we have earned the unofficial title of “Keeper of the Blues”. And yes, I am proud of my personal contributions. I am thankful that several key members within the community have embraced the “Business of the Blues” and have joined our efforts in creating new venues for our musicians to perform and be compensated for their performance. This has always been my vision in the creation of the 308 Blues Club and through my participation in the Mississippi Delta Blues Society of Indianola… To ultimately provide musicians with performance opportunities and stimulate the local economy based upon the Mississippi Delta’s greatest treasure – The Blues.

Recently, I discovered a great program that shares a part of my vision and provides opportunity for independent musicians to bring their music projects to light…

Blues Blast Magazine (Issue 6-10, March 7, 2012)
Kickstarter.Com – Why It Is Important For Independent Musicians

Recently we had an advertiser, Long Tall Deb Landolt, who advertised her efforts to raise funds for a new album to follow-up on her critically acclaimed 2009 release Diamonds on the Desert Floor using We knew of this website but Deb’s ads made us more aware of how useful this website can be. Here’s how it works, when someone creates a project, you can pledge your $$ to help fund the project. If the project gets the goal amount pledged, the project becomes successful and then and only then will your pledge be charged to your credit card.

What do you get for helping out? It depends on the individual project and how much you donate but in most cases a $10 to $15 donation to a project will get you an advance copy of the new CD when it is finished. In many cases if you get to higher donation levels above $100, you can get your name in the credits on the CD and possibly more for your donation!

It is a great way for independent artists to have their fans and friends help bankroll their music projects. Here are links to some of the recent Blues related projects we found. Check them out and donate to a few of them. We did! We are pleased to say that Long Tall Deb’s project was funded and is moving forward with completing the new release. Here are some examples of recent Kickstarter projects.

Long Tall Deb – New Album Project: Project ended 2/11/12. Goal $18,000. Project was successful.

Eddie Shaw and Jackie Scott – New Album Project: End date 3/31/12. Goal $2750.

We Be Kings Movie: Featuring Magic Slim as ‘I Be King’, Grana Louise as ‘Lilly’, Bianca Ryan as ‘Layla’, Quinn Sullivan as ‘Dustin’, Pryce Watkins as ‘Sam’, Cee Cee James as ‘Ellen’ and the TEARDROPS, Magic Slim’s band. Project end date 3/16/12. Goal $7,500.

Cee Cee James – New Album Project: End date 3/15/12. Goal $7,000.

Vincent Hayes Project – New Album Project: Ended 2/27/12. Goal $20,000. Project successful.

Gina Sicilia – New Album Project: End date 3/17/12. Goal $25,000.

Scott Albert Johnson – New Album Project: End date 4/21/12. Goal $27,990.

Dave Herrero – New Album: Project ended 8/11/11. Goal $4000. Project was successful.

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