Mississippi Delta Blues Stompin’ Worldwide

Through the years, many visitors to the 308 Blues Club would ask if we would ever stream our shows online. I have entertained the idea, but never fully engaged it. However, we have all the tools available for live broadcast, including: multiple cameras, audio mixer, laptop computers, and wi-fi connectivity. And so the question becomes: “Why weren’t we already streaming?”

The 308 Blues Club is a performance venue and provides a full stage to our artists and a comfortable open space with lounge seating for our patrons to experience live entertainment. Ultimately, our mission is to bring live blues music to the masses. And if you can’t experience that first hand here in the Mississippi Delta then what other better place to enjoy a live blues performance than in the comfort of your own home via the Internet? And so with the various free scripts and programs available online (plus a little ingenuity on my part), we made it happen this past Saturday, August 20th, 2011!

The night was special as we welcomed The Bailey Brothers from East Jackson, Mississippi. The Bailey’s have played in and around Indianola; building a strong Delta following. But it has been well over 5 years since they’ve graced the 308 stage. Before their performance, I was able to catch up with Jason and Brock in a brief interview which can be heard here: Bailey Brothers unscripted…

I streamed their first set live to a hungry virtual audience. According to our server tracks, our oversees fans came in full force. And the Bailey’s friends and family that couldn’t attend chimed in as well. I recorded the second set’s audio which you can sample here: The Bailey Brothers Homecoming.

And of course… we will continue streaming until we can’t pay for our bandwidth. Again, special thanks to the Bailey Brothers. We’ll see you online!

About Mario Strong

Celebrating blues culture and promoting roots music worldwide. Fully engaged in an ongoing personal campaign towards raising social awareness and promoting a healthy consciousness throughout the Mississippi Delta. View all posts by Mario Strong

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