A healthy approach to career success

It has been well over a month since I’ve had an opportunity to mark my personal space online. Having been involved with several work related projects, I have consumed myself with that one area of life – my career. I often ask myself, “When does a job become a career? And at what point in your career do others identify you and your job as one in the same?”

I posted my career inquiry on Facebook and received several insightful remarks that still churn within my thoughts. My cousin, Romeshia, chimed in quickly: “I’ve always viewed a job as a short-term gig that requires little or no training. A job is an opportunity to simply earn a paycheck while a career, on the other hand, is more long-term and usually requires more training or education, provides advancement opportunities and affords the individual a choice and opportunity to engage in life-long work in which they are somewhat passionate about!” (This is good stuff Ro!) She furthers, “Identify your passion, attain the appropriate credentials, get experience, and do what you love while increasingly making lots of money!” (Yes, she makes it sounds easy. But it sounds very promising.) In short, “Most people retire from jobs, but those who have careers hardly ever retire!” (Things that make you go… Hmmmmmm? Ro, I just had an epiphany.)

My good friend Davey reminded me that my alter ego, “That Guy”, already had a career. (Thanks Davey for making me smile. And for those that know “That Guy”… well you already know.) And Bub Branton, local Mississippi Delta guitar treasure, stated: “A man who persists in his folly eventually becomes acclaimed for it.” (Now I was really thinking.)

We all must have an escape from the 9-to-5 grind. The old adage, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, holds true today. For almost two months, I have allowed myself to become consumed by work and have offered little time for my immediate self.

I guess it’s not entirely bad… I am working towards a career.

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