Taking the time to acknowledge responsible fathers…

Today is yet another Father’s Day. I received my usual text messages and phone calls from my children, family, and close friends. I am thankful that I am thought of and respected on that level, and am celebrated today. I do my part to help in the lives and upbringing of my children though we live in separate households. I then logged onto Facebook to send accolades to a few friends to acknowledge their involvement with their children as well. I was shocked as I read through the News Feed. I noticed several comments that took Father’s Day away from the responsible men and made it another Mother’s Day in celebration of the single mother’s who are pulling both ends.

With a 50% divorce rate across the United States, the traditional family with a married couple and their biological children hardly exist. With diminishing traditional family values, it is apparent that the roles of men and women in this country have shifted greatly in terms of who heads the household, takes care of the finances, works, cooks, cleans, and rears the children. This shift has caused strain in the relationships of men and women. The expectations of a relationship, let alone marriage, are now far different from what they were many years ago. As a result, there are many single parent households, extended and blended families, and broken homes. There are just as many scorned men as there are scorned women, and it seems that we are constantly failing and raising yet another generation of scorned children who don’t understand the roles of being a man or a woman… or even being a parent.

The greatest Father’s Day advice came from my mother many years ago. She said “Son, just because your father is not here, he is still your father. Today is Father’s Day, call him.” My mother was a single mother during my adolescence. She raised me and my younger sister on her own. She worked and took care of the household. And not once did she ever claim Father’s Day as her day. I want to thank my mother. She is the main reason that my father and I have a solid relationship today.

I very much applaud the single mothers, but to constantly read comments from women who have children from failed relationships and continue to condemn most of the male population is not warming. I understand that we all have different circumstances surrounding today’s celebration of dad’s. But again, the day is for those responsible men who are involved in some way with their children. The more you acknowledge the so-called deadbeats; you continue to give them a voice, because you are neglecting the real men who are true fathers.

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