The D.C. Blues Party invades the Mississippi Delta!

A month or so ago, I was contacted by Maryland-based, blues guitarist, Tony Fazio. He said he had a little blues combo that was touring the Southeast. Of course, I didn’t want our true, blues enthusiasts to miss an opportunity to witness some new sounds coming to the area. Tony and I corresponded for a few days and finally inked a date. The Tony Fazio and Calep Emphrey Blues Revue featuring Charlie Sayles and Ursula Ricks invades the Mississippi Delta on Saturday, May 28th, at the 308 Blues Club in Indianola. Doors open at 8 pm.

Tony Fazio brings out the best musicians, including the legendary Blues Harpist/songwriter, Charlie Sayles and Baltimore, Maryland’s Queen of the Blues, Ursula Ricks. Tony’s hold card for this event is Mr. B.B. King’s former drummer of 31 years, Mr. Calep Emphrey Jr. In addition to his touring with B.B., Mr. Emphrey has played drums with Freddie King, Little Milton, Etta James, and many others. Also joining the D.C. crew will be a fine selection of local musicians representing the Mississippi Delta.

Dont miss the D.C. Blues Party on Saturday, May 28th at the 308 Blues Club and Cafe in Indianola, Mississippi.

Connect with Tony Fazio online at


Mickey Rogers, Sid Barger, Tony Fazio, Donnie Brown, John Horton, Harmonica Legend Charlie Sayles, Calep Emphrey, Marlow Dorrough

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