Let’s Keep Indianola Beautiful

I recently received an email from Sherilyn Jones of Indianola Mainstreet which reminded me of our annual city-wide clean-up. This event generally takes place prior to the B.B. King Homecoming Festival as a one-part means to prep the community for the arrival of the many blues enthusiasts through the summer, and to overall enhance the beauty that is Indianola. This can be best described as a large-scale spring cleaning. This year, the city-wide clean-up begins on Friday, May 27th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in the old Piggy Wiggly parking lot downtown.

Did you know this is not a single Indianola effort, but a nationwide plan to Keep America Beautiful? Last year, over 2.3 million volunteers in over 15,000 communities volunteered to pick up litter, renew parks, plant community gardens, beautify roadways, and clean up rivers, lakes, and seashores. This year, Keep Indianola Beautiful is participating in the Great American Cleanup and is in need of community volunteers!

Contact Keep Indianola Beautiful and select a neighborhood, park, school, or any other site to clean, beautify, and/or improve. You can also join one of the various community improvement events that has already been organized. All registered groups will receive complimentary Trash Bags for litter cleanups. Other event tools and equipment may be available at no charge as well.

For more information about Keep Indianola Beautiful and the Great American Cleanup, please call Rivers Phillips at 662-207-8967. Or, you may contact one of the following offices: the Indianola Chamber of Commerce, the City of Indianola, Indianola Mainstreet, the Sunflower County Supervisors, or Paula Sykes, Chancery Clerk.

Listing of Mississippi Great American Cleanup Participating Organizations

For a better Indianola…

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