Tweed Funk: ‘Bringin It’ to the 308 Blues Club, April 8th, 2011

Since 2003, the 308 Blues Club and Cafe has shared quality live entertainment with the greater Mississippi Delta. On Friday, April 8th, 2011: we present WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) New Artist of the Year Nominee, Tweed Funk.

On March 15th, Tweed Funk released their new CD, “Bringin It”. The Wisconsin natives are touring extensively throughout the Midwest and South in support of the album.

Tweed Funk guitarist, JD Optekar, leaked a few tracks for my review.

The sounds and rhythms on ‘Bringin It’ combine familiar elements of soul with hybrid blues funk that rivals our own local Southern Soul! Good stuff. Definitely, looking forward to Tweed Funk’s arrival in the Mississippi Delta!

Tweed Funk - Bringin It


Members: Smokey, JD Optekar, Donnie Mac, “MG” Gibbons
Location: Wisconsin
Influences: Curtis Mayfield, Sly Stone, Freddie King
Genre: Blues, Funk, R&B, Soul
Website: Tweed Funk Official Band Page

For your listening pleasure:

  • Testify
  • I Know

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