Destination 2012

Initially this note started as a Facebook status update, but I couldn’t stop myself from writing. Starting this new year, we edge closer to 2012. For those not familiar with 2012 and the ancient Mayan calendar; Supposedly, the world as we know it is to come to an abrupt end. Nostradamus, too, has predicted certain events that shall mark our last days. And yes, the Christian faith teaches of the end times. With wars, spiritual and civil unrest, earthquakes, typhoons, tidal waves, odd weather patterns, new and unheard of viruses (plagues), birds dropping from the sky, fish and entire lakes dying… is there truth here… that the all of mankind will soon perish? In honest, it is 2011 and I began to reflect on life. I became depressed and soon these fears began to overwhelm my thoughts.

And so I began to recall those extreme situations that had occurred throughout my life… I was robbed at gun point while at work, I was threatened at gun point while at a party that I was invited (this same person who had threatened me later that same week carjacked and murdered his carjacking victim), I have been shot at several times while on a college campus (Fortunately, I was not hit. These were separate acts of random violence), I have been stabbed during a fight that I had attempted to walk away, I have suffered food poisoning, I have been a victim of mistaken identity by the FBI (thanks to the carjacking/murderers ‘homeboy’ who wanted to keep the feds off his tracks… BTW he is serving life without any possibility of parole and his ‘homeboy’ is enjoying several years for obstruction), I have owed the IRS a substantial amount of back taxes due to my naivette in conducting business earlier on without any guidance, I am a divorcee, I was hit head-on by an elderly gentlemen who fell asleep at the wheel while under prescribed medication that instructed him clearly not to drive, another vehicle I owned caught fire while I was in it (note to all 85 Nissan 300ZX owners, get that recall fixed before your fuel system decides it is time to self-destruct), I have had my head split open (don’t ask… but if you do, I might show you the 8 stitch scar in the back of my head. Well my dreads are getting longer, so you might not get a clear view), and recently I was the victim of a pit bull attack.

I am certain that there are plenty more instances that I care to remember and have since forgotten or simply blocked out of my mind. However, I look at these few and note that I have not faced anything great nor anything that I could not overcome. I am thankful for my life, health, family, and friends. I am thankful my God has seen me through these minor road bumps and continues to guard and protect my spirit. It is now 2011… one more year to go (or so they say).

Only the strong survive…

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Celebrating blues culture and promoting roots music worldwide. Fully engaged in an ongoing personal campaign towards raising social awareness and promoting a healthy consciousness throughout the Mississippi Delta. View all posts by Mario Strong

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