House of KHAFRE, Indianola, Mississippi

JUNE 6th, 2010 — This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to get away to the Holly Ridge Blues Fest. Prior to heading into the county to soak up some live Delta blues, I made a stop off downtown in Indianola at the House of Khafre…

The House of Khafre, also known as “da’ House”, is located at 103/105 Main Street, in Indianola, Mississippi. Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted by owners and valued friends of mine, Sade Turnipseed and Robert Terrell. I also noticed the Bad Boy of Southern Soul, Mr. T.K. Soul, and his family were most definitely in “da’ House” as well. While Sade, Robert, and I caught up, International Blues Challenge Winner, Grady Champion, arrived on the scene. This was a treat as I was able to talk and exchange info with these two heavy hitters in Southern Soul. I gave Grady Champion a tour of the 308 Blues Club afterwards in consideration of a future performance. Stay tuned!

“da’ House” features an art gallery, performance stage, lounge area, juice station, and gift shop. I told Sade that I felt like I wasn’t in Indianola. The House of Khafre breathes freshness. “da House” brings a sense of newness to Indianola that I have yet to experience. In short, I am delighted that there is a place that introduces African culture to the Mississippi Delta. It is needed.

While you become culturally enriched, be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth… Mama Willies Teacakes will leave you wanting more. I will go on record as saying, “These teacakes make me wanna slap my momma and tell her to try it again! Sorry mom.” They are just that good! If you haven’t had Mississippi-style teacakes; once you have one of these, you won’t want any other.

If you are in Indianola and want a true cultural exchange, check out the House of Khafre. For more info, please contact Sade Turnipseed at 662-347-8198 or visit The House of Khafre online.

The Delta Renaissance is Alive and Well…

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One response to “House of KHAFRE, Indianola, Mississippi

  • Sade

    From C. Sade Turnipseed:


    Please do me a favor and update your file. I will no longer use My new email address,, reflects my new position with Khafre Inc; and my brand new endeavor at “da’ House of Khafre.”

    BTW, come by da House Party and check out live music with Jessie Clay, singing blues & performing comedy this Saturday night… You can pretty much count on him doing his thang every Saturday night at, da’ House around 8pm.

    and, The Young Publishers’ Network meetings start at 4pm; and segues into Movie Nights, which start at 7pm, every Thursday…

    and, Blues, Beer, Fish Fry and Spades begin Friday June 24. It’s a Happy Hour set for the folks who want to stay cool and connected in Indianola. This event will be held the last Friday of each month, starting around 5pm.

    There is so much more to come, at da’ House…

    located at 105 Main Street, in historic downtown Indianola.

    I will keep you posted…

    Love ya,

    662.347.8198 cell


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