Lil’ Dave Thompson R.I.P. (b. May 21, 1969 – d. February 14, 2010)

My father called me this Sunday afternoon as he always does to recap the past weekend at the 308 Blues Club. However, his words were slow… “Lil’ Dave Thompson died this morning.” The phone call and his wording were so frightening similar to another. I told him that I had to find out for myself. I logged into Lil’ Dave’s website ( and read the tragic truth.

Andrew Galloway of Electro-Fi Records reported February 14th, 2010: “It is with immense regret that we inform you of the passing of Lil’ Dave Thompson at 7am this morning as the result of an automobile accident outside of Augusta, Georgia, while touring with his band. The other band members were not seriously injured. A dynamic artist, widely acknowledged as one of the very best of the current generation of Mississippi Blues Artists, Lil’ Dave will be sadly missed by his family, friends and blues music lovers world wide. More details will be posted as they become available.”

I was at pause once again. “Dave played the 308 just last month. We talked. He let me sit in with the band and play his rig.”

I’m not going to give you his full bio, but I will say that the Mississippi Delta has lost yet another true bluesman. Lil’ Dave Thompson was a young, guitar master who was blessed with a strong, soulful voice. He oozed Albert King on the 6-string with a touch of Otis Redding in his story-telling and the snazz of Z.Z. Hill. He was the real deal… the future. He had many more years left and now he’s gone.

In my opinion, Lil’ Dave Thompson was more appreciated for his talent outside of the very Delta which he lived. We would often talk about this under-appreciation of our local blues artists. In an area filled with upstart, hip-hop acts and younger crowds more interested in packing bars to see “party” bands; Lil’ Dave was everything anti-pop(ular) for the area. He told me blues was a dying art, but he appreciated what we were trying to do at the 308 Blues Club. I remember one night he performed on our stage during Indianola’s Annual B.B. King Homecoming Festival. The 308 was packed. Dave and the audience traded energy and our younger crowd finally got “it”… just for that one night. He told me, “Trying to make the blues cool with the young people. I dig that. Keep it up.”

Thank you, Dave. You will be missed.

Lil’ Dave Thompson leaves behind his life-long partner of 15 years, Susan White, and five children, David Jr. (20), Danielle (19), Shequeena (18), Shirleiah (16) and Destiny (13). He is also survived by sisters Patricia, Barbara Denise, Jennifer and Pasty Thompson, Zenovia Henderson and Rose Marie Richmond; and brothers John, Sam, Elijah Allen and Tyrone Thompson.

A support fund has been set up by the family, and contributions to the family can be mailed to:

Community Bank
PO Box 28
Indianola, MS 38751

For the benefit of Dave “Lil’ Dave” Thompson
c/o John Thompson

Cards and letters to the family are also welcome, and can be sent to:

John Thompson
PO Box 512
Moorhead, MS 38761

Or email to John Thompson:

Funeral arrangements for Lil’ Dave Thompson will be at 2:00 PM, Saturday February 27th, 2010 at Bell Grove Mission Baptist Church:

1301 BB King Rd
Indianola, MS 38751

Walnut Street Blues Bar at 128 S Walnut Street in Greenville will host a tribute to Li’l Dave Thompson benefiting his family this Thursday, February 18, beginning at 8 PM. Call 662-378-2254 for additional info.

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6 responses to “Lil’ Dave Thompson R.I.P. (b. May 21, 1969 – d. February 14, 2010)

  • Eden Brent

    I too am shocked at Lil’ Dave’s untimely passing. I am remembering him and mourning him with all of the Delta and with the entire Blues community. Lil’ Dave was a true favorite among the local, national and international fans and was a joy to work with. A real professional with exceptional musicianship. I will miss his friendship and celebrate his music for the rest of my life. My deepest sympathy to his wife, Susan, his children and all of his family and friends.


  • Brinda Fuller Willis

    I will certainly miss “Lil’Dave Thompson as he was a sweet and endearing soul that I had the privilage of meeting several years ago. He was a great musician and I loved his music. Ironically, I had his “Deep In the Night” CD playing just last Friday while I was working at home. I got to spend some quite time with him last year at the Chicago Blues Festival and he told me just how much he loved this blues music and how he loved his family for allowing him to follow his dream. I will miss this bluesman.


  • Bo Ely

    Lil’ Dave Thompson will be sadly missed by everyone that has ever had the pleasure of meeting him or hearing his wonderful music. My wife and I are no exceptions, our deepest sympathy goes out to his family and friends.


  • Dorothy L. Hill

    Lil’ Dave was always one of my favorites whether it was at Biscuts & Blues in San Francisco or at the Arkansas Blues & Heritage Festival in Helena. I am still stunned at the news but not surprised that the “road” has taken another of the brightest stars in blues. It is a tough way to make a living and live your dream. Lil’ Dave did it with grace and humility and I also extend my deep sympathy to his family and friends.


  • destiny thompson

    hi, im destiny, lil daves baby daughter and i would just like to thank you for taking the time out and showing me and my family how much you care. i miss my father so much and i would be glad to finish what he started… i love all of his songs!


  • Mario Strong

    Thanks for commenting Destiny. Your father meant alot to me. It was always an honor to sit in with him. He would let me play his gear. I will miss that.


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