The Mississippi Delta is Alive… The Delta Renaissance Will Be Televised!

Throughout the years, I have come to settle in many different regions within the United States. Most of my time has been spent in the south. Again, Indianola is my home. I promote all that is Indianola and the Mississippi Delta as a whole. A good friend of mine, also a world traveler and Delta transplant, has made Indianola her home as well.

Sade Turnipseed, Cultural Affairs Advocate and Public Historian, has launched a true “Delta Renaissance”… DELTA RENAISSANCE(sm) is the new weekly cultural arts talk show focusing on Mississippi artists and historic preservation efforts that are underway throughout the region. This educational and culturally stimulating program is a wonderful new concept now taking root on WABG and Delta Fox-TV. Tune in and stay connected to Delta culture every Saturday at 1:00 pm, on Delta Fox-10, with Sade, as host.

The entire Mississippi Delta will now have the opportunity to spend quality time with Sade learning about cultural performers, discovering the visual artists, listening to authors discuss their books and scholars exploring the works of wonderfully talented people throughout the state of Mississippi.

Sade also hosts weekly Delta Renaissance Cultural Arts Update segments, every Thursday on Good Morning Mississippi at 6:00 am; and, every Friday during ABC News at 5:00 pm, both newscasts are on the Commonwealth Broadcasting Group Inc. network.

Everyone can be a part of the Delta Renaissance – Tune in to WABG and Delta Fox and stay connected to your culture with Sade Turnipseed!

…Towards a Delta Renaissance…



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Celebrating blues culture and promoting roots music worldwide. Fully engaged in an ongoing personal campaign towards raising social awareness and promoting a healthy consciousness throughout the Mississippi Delta. View all posts by Mario Strong

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