A new day for a better Indianola…

Yesterday, December 8th, 2009, the city of Indianola elected a new mayor. As reported, “Democrat Steve Rosenthal defeated Independent candidate Mario Strong by a 3 to 1 margin. Steve Rosental received 1,359 to Mario Strong’s 271 votes. Rosenthal will take office January 2010.”

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support during my campaign. Earlier this year, my political spirit was re-awakened. A chance meeting with several prominent individuals involved within legal, cultural, and educational facets of the Mississippi Delta had prompted my actions and later bid for mayor in Indianola. Overall, the experience was very educational.

This has been an incredible journey and is one that is not yet complete. As I had documented earlier, Steve Rosenthal and I both share a similar vision of a better Indianola: youth enrichment, business growth, a safer and cleaner community, departmental accountability, and budgetary controls. With that said, there will be four years of accountability to that plan as the mayor and the people of Indianola will be watching.

At this time, I will direct efforts toward pushing ‘Education, Unity, and Progress’ further into the community. As stated in a post-election interview, “This election was far greater than me or Steve. This election was truly about Indianola, the community, and it’s people. Whether my platform reached 3000 or just 3, the message was conveyed and received. And if it caused just 1 person to act, it’s a start. I do see great things for Indianola’s future and I will surely be apart of it.”

Again, I have decided to remain outside of the political realm… for now. But remember, I will not be far off in the distance.

About Mario Strong

Celebrating blues culture and promoting roots music worldwide. Fully engaged in an ongoing personal campaign towards raising social awareness and promoting a healthy consciousness throughout the Mississippi Delta. View all posts by Mario Strong

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