Progress for Indianola

Since expressing my political intentions, I have received much input from the community. I would like to thank those who have expressed their thoughts and ideals about Indianola, and further encourage others to do the same. Concerns about education, joblessness, housing, crime, and division have been noted. I am currently assembling a team to bring resolution, change, and progress for Indianola.

Recently, I contacted Progress for Mississippi, a political action committee founded by Bill Luckett, a respected attorney. He and Morgan Freeman, a renown and award-winning actor, are the co-owners of Clarksdale’s Ground Zero Blues Club and Madidi Restaurant. Initially, their investment was thought by many destined to fail. However, Clarksdale has since become a trendy city and receives visitors from all over the world who come not just for Ground Zero, but to visit the state and city itself. This is the same image that Indianola needs to convey and we have the same resources to make it happen.

Progress for Mississippi has identified several areas that are in need of reform on the state and local levels: technology, jobs, education, alternative energy, tourism, transportation infrastructure, telecommunications, public works, and healthcare. If any of these areas are of further interest to you as they impact Indianola, please post a comment or leave a message at 662-298-4596. Again, I am organizing a team to attack these issues and allow Indianola to be recognized as another great city within the state.

More information can be found at or by calling 662-627-5004.

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Celebrating blues culture and promoting roots music worldwide. Fully engaged in an ongoing personal campaign towards raising social awareness and promoting a healthy consciousness throughout the Mississippi Delta. View all posts by Mario Strong

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